Vintage vs Retro Clothing

Vintage vs Retro Clothing

Do you know the difference between vintage & retro clothing?

Most likely, you use both terms indiscriminately, referring to clothes that are somewhat old.

In this post, we will briefly explain how these two terms differ.

To put you in context a bit, we will begin to explain where the term vintage comes from.

The term vintage literally means harvest, which comes from the French vendange. We consider that the vintage era begins in the 1920s, if the garment or item is earlier we call it antique.

Vintage Clothing 1920s

In general terms, we mean that a garment is vintage when it is at least 20 years old (from the current year). It is often said that vintage clothing is considered original in terms of inspiration and design.

Instead, we consider a garment to be retro when, being manufactured today, it is inspired by garments from the past.

At present, either due to ignorance or ignorance these two terms are often confused but I hope that with this post ... it will not happen again!

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